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Patrick J Staunton Chartered Accountant

Patrick J Staunton Chartered Accountant Brisbane


Accounting Service


We offer Chartered Accounting Services direct to the market place that are backed by over 25 years experience. We offer specialised services in the following areas:

Preparation of Individual, Partnership, Trust and Company Tax Returns

We have extensive experience in the preparation, lodgement, and validation of Tax returns for all individuals and entities. We ensure that we constantly keep up to date with all applicable Australian Tax Office Rulings with regards to Taxation and how this applies to you and your business.


We offer a dedicated tax service and offer it in the spirit of client and customer service.

Corporate Tax Planning and Advice

As we are up to date with all applicable Australian Tax Office Rulings, we can provide you with real time and reliable taxation advice to assist with your business planning. We can not only assist you in maximising your profits and income, but also avoiding costly taxation pitfalls.


Salary Packaging Advice and Management / Fringe Benefits Advice and Planning

Our Principal, Patrick J Staunton was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Queensland’s largest salary packaging bureau and as such, we understand Salary Packaging. We can provide you with real time advice and systems which will work within your business. Salary Packaging is a great way to increase your disposable income and from an Employer point of view, a great way to obtain and retain staff.


Preparation and Analysis of Management AccountsPatrick J Staunton Chartered Accountant

Without appropriate management accounts for your business, how do you really know how you are performing? We can take all of the guesswork out of this for you and use our experience in this area to establish and assist with appropriate, relevant and concise management reports tailored to your business.


Cash Flow Analysis and Reporting

We have strong and in depth experience in managing cash flow for all levels of business and organisations. We can design an analysis system that is tailored to your business and your requirements.


Preparation and Analysis of Financial Statements

We can provide a full set of accounts and Financial Statements for your business tailored to your needs. We can analyse data from your accounting package and provide you with up to date and correctly formatted and documented financial statements.


BAS ReportingPatrick J Staunton Chartered Accountant

Patrick J Staunton Chartered Accountant Brisbane, in conjunction with PJS Administration Services (QLD) Pty Ltd, will take care of all of your BAS reporting requirements. We make sure that your monthly transactions are fully recorded in line with BAS reporting guidelines and generate a proper and complete chart of accounts for your business. This is completed electronically by direct download of your transactions each month direct from your bank. We then assemble and create a chart of accounts for your business. At the end of the quarter, we can then produce your BAS Statement for you and lodge it on your behalf.*

* Lodgement requires your business to be registered with the ATO on-line portal system.

We complete our service and obtain the information we need by using Bank Link software. Essentially, with your consent, we are provided with an electronic bank statement for your business account each month. This contains no balances or personal details, but rather a transaction summary on your account. We then automatically code the payments we can easily match to your Chart of Accounts. Any payments or receipts we cannot allocate, we simply email a summary to you. All you need to do is put a brief description next to the line item and email it back to us. We do the rest.


Utilising our vast experience, as well as market leading management software and processes, we offer a detailed super fund administration process. Navigating the rules, regulations and processes involved in running a self managed super fund can be time consuming and confusing. We have over 15 years experience with administration of superannuation funds and work closely with other Industry professionals to ensure you peace of mind and detailed reporting as to the performance of your fund.


Accounts Receivable

PJS Administration Services (QLD) Pty Ltd specialists have developed sound and practical experience in the fields of credit and collections processes with a strong focus on customer service and maintenance of client relationships. Our team has experience with development and implementation of credit and collections processes within some of Australia’s largest corporate organisations. Best practice credit and collections techniques are not just reserved for large business however.

We offer detailed analysis of your current credit and collections process, as well as the ability to work with you to develop your own customised credit and collections process. This process is tailored to your organisation, and your customer base, with a keen eye for maintenance of your customer relationships while at the same time implementing best practice credit and collections techniques. We also offer a complete Outsourced Accounts Receivable Management function separate to a Mercantile Agency. We offer a service where we will work with you to provide you with the tools and process to best utilise in collection of outstanding accounts in your business

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